Privacy Policy

This privacy statement has been developed by REDVision Global Technologies to exhibit company’s adherence towards privacy. The information shown below reveals about the propagation practices for and other REDVISION Websites.

Our company makes use of your IP Address to detect issues in our server and/or to regulate our website. It helps us in ascertaining the sections of our website that users are visiting. Our company does not synchronize IP addresses to reveal your identity. This indicates that user’s session is monitored but the user remains unspecified.

Our website gathers your contact information like name, mobile no. and email address through the details entered by you in the registration form. The details are used for the purpose of sending you information about the company. Users can back out of getting future communications via selecting unsubscribe option from the registration form.

This particular site involves links to other websites. REDVision Global does not hold any responsibility for the content or privacy practices for any such websites.